Why A Ductless Mini-Split System Can Be The Right Choice In Your New Construction

Ductless mini-splits are a versatile heating and cooling solution that can easily be implemented into new construction. They help circumvent the expensive issues that can crop up when trying to extend your ductwork into new, add-on rooms. Ductless mini-splits are composed of an outdoor condensing unit, up to four indoor air-handler units, and refrigerant piping that connects the indoor units to the outdoor unit. Much like in your home’s central HVAC system, refrigerant travels from the outdoor condensing unit directly to the indoor evaporator, which is located in the room being conditioned. Since there is no ductwork involved, the cooled air reaches its destination without any loss of energy. Additionally, these systems are very quiet and efficient.

Ductless mini-splits are flexible enough that a single condensing unit can be used to control multiple rooms around your house. A single condensing unit can be placed up to 50 feet away from the house, allowing it to reach opposite ends of your house.

The complemental use of ductless mini-splits offers several advantages to central heating and cooling. For example, since these units are independently controlled, each room can be set to the preferred temperature of the occupant without disturbing those in other rooms. If the rest of the house is too cool, a room with a mini-split can be set to a higher temperature.

Ductless mini-splits also allow you to conserve energy by turning off cooling in rooms that are unoccupied: You won’t be wasting energy trying to climate-control an empty room. Many models come with remote controls, making it even easier to turn them on and off at your discretion.

Installation is very simple, because mini-split systems typically require only a small hole in the wall of the room for the electrical conduit and refrigerant piping to travel through. The indoor units are quite discreet and can be  installed in several different ways. We commonly install them from the wall or ceiling in the room to be conditioned.

If you are considering new construction on your home or just want to condition that hard-to-heat-or-cool room of the home, don’t forget about the mini-split as a solution. Contact Overland Park Heating and Cooling today for more information about the benefits ductless mini-splits can bring you. We have proudly served the Kansas City area since 1983.

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