Whole-House Humidifers Improve Comfort, Respiratory Health, And Household Conditions

Dry air is as unavoidable in the winter as cold temperatures. With dry air comes an assortment of undesirable side effects. It can cause damage to your home by cracking plaster and warping floors, wood paneling and even furniture. Worse than that, it contributes to a number of unpleasant physical symptoms for you and your family. It can aggravate medical conditions such as asthma and allergies and can contribute to upper respiratory tract infections. It can cause itchy skin; uncomfortable dry sinuses and nosebleeds; and scratchy, irritated throats. Dry air even makes the common cold worse.

Dry winter air in your home can also contribute to wasted energy and higher heating bills. Dry air causes moisture to be absorbed away from your skin and into the air, which creates a significant cooling effect on you. It makes you feel colder than the actual temperature of the room, which may cause you to turn up your heating system to compensate.

An effective remedy for these dry-air problems is a whole-house humidification system. A whole-house humidifier is installed into your existing forced-air heating system, where puts as much moisture back into your indoor air as possible. As air flows through your heating system, the humidifier adds moisture in the form of water vapor. The moistened air then travels back through the supply ductwork and provides increased humidity throughout your house.

With more humidity in the air, the evaporation of moisture from your skin decreases, allowing you to feel comfortable at a lower room temperature. Since you don’t have to run your heating system at a higher level, you save money on your utility bills. Increased humidity also relieves many of the physical discomforts caused by dry air and reduces the possibility of structural damage to your home.

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