Why a Whole Home Humidifier Will Be an Advantage This Winter

Why a Whole Home Humidifier Will Be an Advantage This WinterThe winter months are upon us. With the comfort you will feel as your heating system keeps you and your home warm, a uncomfortable feeling of drier air will follow if your system is not equipped with a operational humidifier. The dryness can lead to  cracked lips and dry itchy skin and even cause colds that are sure to make you uncomfortable. Your best defense to a dry home is having a whole house humidifier system that is integrated with your home heating system.

Whole house humidifiers work by infusing water vapor into the heating ducts so moisture can be dispersed with the air. The humidity in your home can be controlled automatically with a humidistat or in some cases, by your thermostat. There are several benefits to look forward to after installing a whole home humidifier including:

Better Health

Environments with low humidity levels can breed viruses that increase your risk of getting colds and succumbing to respiratory problems. A whole house humidifier will help keep these risks to a minimum.

Easier Maintenance

Dry air can wreak havoc on your paint, furniture, artwork and drywall to name a few. Your wooden floors can be suseptible to warping and damage, as well. A whole house humidifier is is a necessity in any home that uses forced air heating during the winter months.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Whole home humidifiers make it possible to keep your home warmer at lower temperatures, which means that you can keep the thermostat down and save some money on your monthly energy bills.

Your new whole house humidifier can be installed with your current heating and cooling system. If you’d like to learn more about having a new system installed in your home, contact our HVAC specialists here at Overland Park Heating & Cooling, Inc. We’ve been successfully serving homeowners in the local Kansas City area for more than 30 years, and we’d love to serve you too.

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