Using UV Lights To Improve Indoor Air Quality

A UV (ultraviolet) light purifier is a great option for homeowners who want to improve their indoor air quality. Ultraviolet light is a safe form of radiation that can destroy organic matter. Put simply, a UV purifier kills organisms in the air. The goal is to eradicate bacteria, mold and viruses that can cause illness or allergic reactions.

Facts About UV Lights

UV lights are often mistakenly associated with sunlight and harmful radiation. Actually, a UV purifier uses a specialized form of light only harmful to bacteria and viruses. Someone servicing the purifier would need to wear protective eyewear, but the UV is not detrimental to you or your family.

Facts About Purifiers

A UV light purifier helps steralize the air that passes through the emitted light. This is different than the air filter on your heating and cooling system. A filter will remove any particle that falls into a specific size range. An UV purifier will only kill organisms in the air. This means it will not remove dust or non organic allergens from your home.

Benefits Of UV Purifiers

  • UV lighting will eliminate a majority of bacteria and viruses in the air.
  • UV lights are effective against many molds and mildew that cause illness .
  • Installation of UV lights in will keep your HVAC  indoor evaporator coil and duct system cleaner and provide a cleaner home environment

-Adding a UV purifier system to your home is a cost-effective way to control the air quality.

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