Trying To Estimate The Costs Of A Solar Installation? Let Us Help

Trying To Estimate The Costs Of A Solar Installation? Let Us HelpThe primary factor that goes into the costs of a solar installation is the system of PV modules, which are the solar panels that absorb energy from the sun. Here’s a look at the elements that can help bring down the costs of a solar installation:

  • Home energy consumption: By cutting back your home’s electrical appetite, you could bring down the costs of a solar installation significantly. Sealing ductwork, Having routine maintenance performed on your home heating anfd cooling system, installing a programmable thermostat and adding insulation are all ways to reduce home energy consumption.
  • Location: Kansas City is certainly a viable location for solar panels, though site-specific variables have a large impact on the costs of a solar installation as well. Ideally, you should have a roof or other location with southern exposure, enough room for the desired number of solar panels, and limited shade from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The more ideal these site-specific conditions are, the smaller and less costly the solar energy system can be.
  • Desired electricity production: You don’t have to make a large investment up front with a system that generates enough power for your entire home. Instead, you can start with fewer solar modules and work your way up in the years to come since retrofits are so easy to install. Eventually, your system may include a dozen or more solar modules to provide more power for your home.
  • Financial incentives: Your most powerful savings could come from federal tax credits and exemptions as well as lower-interest state loans made possible by your investment in solar energy. See Kansas-specific incentive details for more information.
  • DIY or professional installation: While you can cut between 15 to 25 percent from the total costs of a solar installation when you do it yourself, the safe and competent job performed by professionals could be worth the extra cost. Licensed professionals can usually install your system quickly for maximum performance over the years.

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