Tired Of Repairing An Old Furnace? Consider The Benefits Of Upgrading

If you are regularly pouring money into your furnace for repairs, the time has come to consider an upgrade. By replacing your old furnace with a newer, high-efficiency model, you can save money and ensure your family’s comfort.

One of the primary reasons to upgrade your old furnace is the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your new furnace will work without the constant maintenance and repair issues that older models have. Like any other machine, a furnace will wear down and begin to break more often as it gets older. A new furnace usually doesn’t have these problems, but if something does happen, a warranty is there to protect you.

An upgraded furnace can save money in other ways as well. Newer furnaces have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating that helps buyers understand how fuel-efficient their new furnace will be. Medium-efficiency furnaces have between an 80 and 83 percent AFUE, while high-efficiency furnaces have between 90 and 98 percent AFUE. This rating tells you how much of the energy you’re paying for will be used by the furnace rather than lost in escaped heat or other wasteful functions.

If, for example, your old furnace was from 1992 or earlier, it probably got 72 percent efficiency or below. That means at least 28 percent or more of the fuel you paid for to heat your house was being wasted. If you upgrade to a high efficiency furnace, you’re only losing between 2 and 10 percent. With more heat going into your house, less fuel must be used to keep the temperature comfortable. As a result, your energy bills will drop.

How much you will save depends on several factors: the efficiency of your old furnace, the efficiency of your new furnace, and how much you spend on energy per year. It won’t be long before the savings from your energy bills and from not having to perform frequent repairs will have your new furnace paying for itself.

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