The Value Of Using A Certified HVAC Professional? 5 Things A Furnace Retailer On The Web Won’t Tell You

You can find almost anything on the Internet, including furnaces. But there are a few things you can’t find — including personalized service from a certified HVAC professional who stands behind his or her work.

If you are considering buying a furnace, consider the benefits of using a local, certified heating and cooling contractor:

  • A local contractor will help you choose equipment sized for your home. When it comes to furnaces, one size does not fit all. Even replacing your old furnace with a new one the same size may be a mistake, as the old one may have been over- or undersized as well. A certified HVAC professional will use the industry standard Manual J method to determine your home’s heating needs, taking into account a number of factors, including your home’s size and layout, its number of windows and doors, and your heat-producing appliances.
  • A local contractor will help you navigate your options. Online retailers are mostly interested in selling you something — selling you anything. A certified HVAC professional has a stake in helping you make the best choice for your home. His or her reputation and business depends on quality service.
  • A local contractor will stand behind the equipment — and the installation. Most legitimate manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment will not offer warranties on equipment sold online, because they have no control over its installation. Local contractors, on the other hand, work closely with manufacturers to train technicians to properly install their products. That’s why local contractors feel confident offering warranties on the equipment they sell along with its installation.
  • A local contractor will get to know your system. The same technicians who helped you design your system and who installed it can be called upon to perform regular maintenance or, if necessary, repairs.
  • A local contractor will always answer the phone. Questions about your new system’s performance or operation? A certified HVAC professional will be happy to answer them.

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