The UV-Light System: Because Clean Air’s A Must

Maintaining clean air in your Kansas City-area home can be quite a challenge. One way to help your HVAC system destroy as many pollutants as possible is to install a UV-light system. Working in tandem with your heating and cooling equipment and high efficient air cleaners, this light system will greatly reduce the number of micro-organisms floating around your house.

Say goodbye to micro-organisms

The term “microorganisms” covers a whole slew of unhealthy pollutants, from mold to bacteria and many viruses. Its important to keep these pollutants out of your air. Not only does a UV-light system attack these microorganisms, the high-intensity ultraviolet lights literally break down their molecular bonds and destroy and minimizing many of these germs.

Ridding your house of these unhealthy pollutants can be crucial to your family’s well-being, since they can trigger or exacerbate respiratory ailments and other health issues even in the healthiest of individuals. Of course, if anyone in your household suffers from something like asthma, or even allergies, they will receive a huge amount of relief. During cold and flu season, the increased protection is especially important.

Piggybacking on your HVAC unit

A UV-light system is installed either in the ducts or at the evaporator coil ( in your air handler or your ducted furnace system), both with the same intentions. Your HVAC system circulates the air throughout your house. Once the air passes the point of no return, the ultraviolet lights target and kill microorganisms in the air.

While UV lights can be a highly effective complement to your HVAC system’s air filtering function, don’t forget that these ultraviolet weapons do nothing to remove non-organic particles from your home’s air. And some of this dust and debris can be hazardous as well, not only to your heating and cooling equipment but to your health as well. Allergies can be just as easily triggered by dead or non-organic material as they can by organic particles. This is why it’s important to have an air-cleaning strategy that uses high-efficiency filters as well as UV lights.

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