The Importance of Inspecting Refrigerant Leaks

As a homeowner, you are always hearing of new problems that can pop up and go wrong with your house’s many systems. Whether major or minor, these issues are enough to make any person anxious. However, it is vital that you are aware of these pesky problems before they happen so that you know how to handle them when they do, or prevent them before they get the chance. One of the most common types of home system nuisances that can arise is a refrigerant leak in your heating and cooling units.

Refrigerant leaks are a common A/C blunder that can wreak havoc on your wallet, as well as the health of your home and family. These leaks occur when Freon, commonly of the R22 variety, seeps out of the indoor coil that sits atop your home’s furnace. Since these systems are pressurized, leaks from faulty Freon can and will penetrate into your house. These leaks are so common, in fact, that the R22 Freon is being phased out and instead replaced by a more reliable 410A refrigerant.

Not only are refrigerant leaks a burden to your budget to fix, but they are also detrimental to the air quality of your home. When leaked into the air, refrigerant depletes oxygen, causing an unsafe breathing environment. Leaked refrigerant is also highly flammable, and when exposed to an open flame from anything as simple as a gas stove or fire in a fireplace, can produce toxic fumes that soak into lungs of occupants as well as the fabric of household items.

While a common issue in homes throughout the Midwest, refrigerant leaks are starting to lessen thanks to the hard work of expert technicians who are advising homeowners away from dangerous Freon and the problems it can cause. By preparing your home with the help of a professional from Overland Park Heating and Cooling before leaks occur, you can prevent any damage from ever taking place.

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