The Essentials Of Annual Heat Pump Service

Hiring a professional contractor for annual heat pump service is an important way to keep your Kansas City area home running as efficiently as possible. An annual heat pump service check will keep your system running the way it was designed to run, and help your heat pump last for its full expected service life. Be sure to ask for the following services when scheduling your annual heat pump service:

Important parts of a heat pump service check include an inspection of your HVAC system’s ducts, filtering system and blower, as well as cleaning and lubricating important components. When it comes to servicing your heat pump, two of the most important things a contractor must do is to adjust the refrigerant charge precisely and make sure air flow is at the prescribed level.

Refrigerant charge
Some heat pumps – namely ductless mini-splits – are charged with refrigerant before they ever leave the factory. However, split-system heat pumps must be charged during installation. Occasionally, a split-system heat pump is charged with too much or too little refrigerant. This reduces the performance and efficiency of the heat pump. Leaks are also possible. The contractor will measure the refrigerant to make sure it’s at the correct level, and also check for and fix any leaks.

The heat pump’s performance also depends on proper air flow. For every ton of air conditioning capacity held by the heat pump, there should be at least 400 to 500 cubic feet of airflow per minute. The ducts must be clear for the air to flow efficiently throughout the home. The contractor can increase the airflow by increasing the size of the ducts, cleaning the evaporator coil or increasing the speed of the fan. The contractor will also need to inspect the ductwork for leaks or bad connections. When there is air leaking out of your ductwork, that translates into lost energy and higher utility bills.

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