The Effects of a Warmer Winter on Your Home

Here in the Midwest, winter typically means several inches of snow on a regular basis, mixed with bitterly cold negative wind chills almost every day. However, this winter has been much warmer than normal, with us Kansas residents only seeing an inch or two of snow so far, and more sunny days than you can count.

While this warmer winter has been a nice surprise, it does create some unexpected effects on your home.

Greater Chance for Ice
With temperatures higher than normal in our area, the chance for ice storms increases dramatically. Take the weekend on January 14th, for example. Because of the warm temperatures in higher altitudes in our area, winter storm Jupiter created a dangerous icing situation for most of the Midwest. While the Kansas City area was lucky enough to only get a slight coating of ice and remain with power, major ice storms have the potential to knock out electricity, water lines, and even trees, causing disastrous damage.

More Time Spent on Outdoor Projects
Warmer temperatures means the chance to get outside and get working. Whether your siding needs replaced, or your landscaping could use some trimming, a warmer winter gives you the opportunity to get a head start on your outdoor projects, and get your home ready for the spring season that is right around the corner. Take advantage of the warm days, and your home will thank you come April.

Less Strain on Your Heating Unit
When temperatures are mild during the winter, your heating unit does not have to work as hard to keep your home’s air regulated. Because of this, your heating bill will be greatly reduced from colder years past, and your home will be much more comfortable without an appliance constantly running. However, it is important to still check up on your heating unit to make sure it is functioning properly and efficiently.

The best way to protect your home all winter long is to have your heating unit regularly cared for by Overland Park Heating and Cooling. By calling a professional and giving your unit the maintenance it needs, you will be ensuring that the appliance, and your entire home, is in its best possible working order all season long, no matter what the weather brings.

For more information on caring for your home during a warmer winter, visit Overland Park Heating and Cooling today.