The air you breathe in your home and office may Compromise Your Comfort And Health — Tips For Proper Removal

To make sure the air you breathe in your home each day is the highest quality possible, you need to attack the source of excess dust. While eliminating all pollutants from your air is impossible, this strategy will help you vastly improve your indoor air quality. This can help improve both your comfort and your health. Keep Closet Floors Clean

The sheets, towels and clothes you store in your closet all contain tons of fibers and dust that simply accumulate in your closet, even when they are clean. Something as simple as opening the door can cause them to be spread around your house. By making sure the floors are clear, you will be more likely to vacuum these areas when you are cleaning the rest of your house.

Pick Up, Rather Than Spread, Dirt

Feather dusters and rags are common tools used for removing dust but both are very ineffective. More often than not, they simply spread dust around rather than actually allowing you to collect and dispose of it properly. Instead, use special cloths that have electrostatic charges or wet rags that will be much better at actually collecting dust. You should also avoid using vacuum attachments for simple dusting as the exhaust is likely to blow the dirt into the air.

Upgrade Your Furnace Filter

Improving the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of your furnace filters can help drastically with removing excess dust from your indoor air. MERV is the standard rating used to measure the efficiency of air filters and the higher the rating, the better. A rating between 9 and 12 is best for residential areas and will catch the most dust possible. It is vital that you change them out regularly or they won’t be effective and can actually cause your heating costs to rise.

Beat Those Rugs And Cushions

Beat your rugs or cushions outside to give them a thorough clobbering with a broom will help you get rid of excess dust you didn’t know had accumulated.

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