5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Overland Park Home

5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Overland Park HomePrioritizing the projects around your home as temperatures warm up can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. These spring maintenance tips address issues that can affect the structural integrity of your home and increase the lifetime of major home appliances.

Inspect the roof. Strong spring winds can rip away shingles, especially if you have areas that are already loose. Preventing serious damage can keep your attic dry during heavy rainstorms and reduce the risk of moisture damage to your home’s structure, walls and attic insulation.

Check the gutters. Rain can overwhelm your gutters, and if there are leaks or holes in them, water can collect around the foundation of your home. Water seeping into your basement can increase the humidity in an already damp environment and contribute to foundation cracks. Spring maintenance tips that help you manage moisture near your home can save costly repairs down the road.

Tune up the A/C system. Your air conditioner will probably see its fair share of work during the cooling season. Having it professionally maintained will ensure it runs efficiently and dependably when you most need it. Your HVAC professional will clean and adjust it as close to factory settings as possible. Furthermore, having the airflow through the system checked could reveal ductwork leaks that need to be repaired by a pro.

Change the air filter. Start the cooling season with a new air filter and check it monthly. A dirty filter can reduce system performance quickly and contribute to premature system failure.

Tend the water heater. Water heaters work hard during the winter, so you can increase the life of your system by having a plumber inspect and change the anode rods that protect it, along with flushing a few quarts of water from the bottom.

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