Solve Temperature Issues and Reduce Energy Costs with the Lennox iHarmony Zoning System

Maintaining the ideal indoor climate can be challenging. It’s common for homes to heat and cool unevenly. When one area is comfortable, another area of the may be too warm or too cold. Household members with varying temperature preferences can compound the problem further. But now there is a solution: the Lennox iHarmony zoning system.

When matched with Lenox Communicating systems, the Lennox iHarmony zoning system allows you to establish up to four zones within your home, each with its own thermostat. The temperature can be customized for each zone without affecting the entire house. Motorized dampers installed in the ductwork direct air through the ducts to specified areas while reducing airflow in others as needed. This means you can set the temperature in your living room to a cozy 72 degrees and have you bedroom at a cool 66 for optimal snoozing. Or, keep your living areas at a comfortable temperature while reducing the heating or cooling in unused areas of your home to save energy usage.

The iHarmony allows you to set daily or weekly schedules for each zone, customizing your heating and cooling for optimal energy efficiency. If you want to adjust the temperature in a specific zone, you can override the preprogrammed settings with a simple tap of the thermostat. When used with the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, you can adjust the temperature wirelessly from anywhere through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Zoning is a good solution for the following situations:

  • Your home has large windows
  • The top floor of your home is always warmer than the lower floors
  • Your house is partially or completely underground
  • You have rooms or areas of your home that are seldom used
  • Some rooms feel stuffy
  • You’ve added on to your home since your HVAC system was installed
  • Your home has hot and cold spots
  • Family members have varying temperature preferences
  • You have high heating and cooling bills

The Lennox iHarmony zoning system makes it simple to create the perfect balance of comfort and energy efficiency.