Smart Thermostat Technology Takes Comfort Control To The Next Level

It’s time to consider replacing your thermostat if it is more than 5 years old. The thermostat is a crucial and intregal part of your heating and cooling operation. Old non digital thermostats are obsolete and most contain mercury to turn on and off your heating and cooling system. Today’s smart thermostats, also known as interactive thermostats, do most of the thinking for you when it comes to keeping your heating and cooling effective and efficient. Maybe its time to move on—and up—to something more intelligent.

  • One indicator of smarts is the capacity to learn. By analyzing your home’s temperature patterns at different times of the day, smart thermostats figure out how long it takes to heat or cool rooms and store this in memory. This enables the thermostat to expend no more or less than the precise amount of energy to maintain temperature setpoints in your home.
  • Today’s thermostats are digital, programmable and easy to operate. Homeowners can input time custom parameters to make their system operate in the manner that they live their life. The thermostat automatically sets back temperatures, allow the fans to operate when needed and can adjust humidity levels in the home. In addition to the easy control of the wall thermostat, many new thermostats can be adjusted remotely with a wireless device.
  • Many smart thermostats are net-capable. Users can communicate with their thermostat from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Home temperatures may be remotely monitored and changes to programmed temperatures made with a few clicks of a mouse or from the ever popular I phone. In some locations, smart thermostats also link to your HVAC contractor company, enabling homeowners have their system be monitured for performance and efficiency 24/7. These same thermostats can also provide homeowner with updated weather reports at a glance.

Unlike the old two-wire manual thermostats, smart thermostats require professional installation. For more information, sales and service, contact our team at Overland Park Heating & Cooling. For over 25 years, we’ve been the smart choice for Kansas City-area homeowners.

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