Shutting Down Your Air Conditioner At The End Of The Cooling Season

air conditionerAs summer fades, remember to winterize your home’s air conditioner so as to prolong it’s life and ensure it functions smoothly once the warm weather returns.

Just as you prepare your car for the winter months, air conditioners require the same treatment. Be sure your air conditioner will run just as smoothly next year with a quick check-up. Though the crisp fall may consume your concern for your furnace, when the heat returns next summer, you will want to be sure your air conditioner is ready.

Though a professional can handle this process for you, there are several steps you can first do on your own. Refer to the system’s manufacturer guide to help you pinpoint the parts specified in the checklist. It will also list specific instructions for your brand and style of air conditioner.

  1. Clean off the build-up of debris on the outside coils of your unit. Despite what many think, doing so with a water hose is a bad idea. The water can easily short a wire, causing a dangerous situation. Instead, gently wipe away dirt and debris with a soft, dry cloth or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Cover you outdoor unit with a “top only” cover If you want to protect your unit from the elements. Consider a small canopy which can be placed over the unit and secured. This type of top will allow for air circulation and keep condensate from being trapped inside the unit.
  3. Check for holes and leaks in the body of the unit. This portion of the winterization process will prevent small rodents from setting up house in your outdoor condensing unit. If you notice holes that need some attention, be sure to call a professional to attend to these issues.

To be confident that you haven’t missed any red flags while winterizing your air conditioner, consider making a service call with a trained expert. The professionals at Overland Park Heating & Cooling can help you out. Contact us todayto make sure your home’s HVAC equipment is in good shape for months to come.

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