Replacing Heating And Cooling Systems? It’s A Good Time To Consider These Ductwork Design And Installation Factors

Season change is the perfect time of year to replace heating and cooling systems.  As you begin making plans to replace your system, be sure to have a professional Comfort Specialist evaluate your basic duct design for proper size and the most effective installation necessary for any high efficient system replacement.

Residential ductwork has two purposes:  first, to make sure there is adequate airflow passing through the central duct system; second, to make sure there is adequate airflow in each area being conditioned in your home or office.  Common ductwork design and installation fulfills both purposes by employing a series of rectangular shaped ducts to act as the main ”trunk”  through the home  or office and branching ducts (usually round ducts) placed strategically throughout the remaining area to be conditioned

A ductwork design that fails to allow for necessary and adequate air circulation either to the equipment or the home duct system is at risk for causing premature failure of your heating/cooling components and/or inadequate and inefficient heating and cooling.  To decrease the risk of improper ductwork design and installation, consider the following:

  • All homes pose unique barriers to airflow based on construction and floor design.  Your installation company should provide you with a customized ductwork plan based on airflow in your home.
  • The point at which two ducts come together is called a seam.  All ductwork seams should be properly sealed to maximize your system’s ability to heat and cool your home’s air.
  • The areas of your ductwork system that are exposed to unconditioned environments like attics or crawl spaces should be insulated.

When replacing your heating and cooling system, the ductwork design and installation is as important as the equipment.  The choice of either is a complicated decision best made in consultation with an expert.  If you are considering replacing your heating and cooling system, or just have questions, Overland Park Heating & Cooling can help.  Contact us any time.

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