Reducing Mold With Proper Ventilation

Reducing mold in your home is a process that begins by creating the proper ventilation to your structure. The right amount of ventilation can stop mold from growing by taking away the necessary elements for the bacteria to develop.

There are several ways to create the proper ventilation in your home.

  1. Verify your HVAC system is working properlyMold can develop if the temperature in your home is too hot or too cold. Having your HVAC unit serviced and maintained will provide the consistent temperatures needed in your home to keep mold from growing. You also need to verify that there are no gaps or separation in the ductwork to keep the ventilation working properly.
  2. Install vent fans to reduce moisture. Placing exhaust vent fans in high-moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms will help to remove any conditions that can create mold in your home. The vent fans will draw the moisture out of the room and send it outside so it cannot harm your interior walls or flooring. Installing roof vents also helps to draw moisture out of the attic area, preventing bacteria from growing under roof eaves and interior sheathing.
  3. Use Dehumidifiers. The weather in the greater Kansas City and Kansas areas is high in humidity, creating the right conditions for mold growth. Installing Dehumidifiers in your home will remove the moisture from the air, taking away the ability for the bacteria to develop.

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