Protect Your Outdoor Waterways This Winter

As temperatures fall and remain below freezing, this winter season can be brutal on your home. Not only is your furnace having to work around the clock to keep your family warm and comfortable, but your house is also facing threats that, if not proactively protected against, can cause major damage to your home.

One of the biggest threats against your home during winter is that of water freezing, expanding, and bursting areas where it normally flows free and easy in regular temperatures. This freezing can lead to extensive damage in broken pipes and gutters that can cause water damage and even flooding.

The last thing you need to worry about in the winter are these threats of damage, so be proactive as the temperatures fall by following these simple steps:

Clean Gutters
Before the weather turns too cold, grab your ladder and get to work cleaning out your gutters, make sure that water has an easy escape route, and be sure to remove any debris that could cause damming or ice blockades. A clean gutter to begin the season will help ensure its safety all winter long.

Remove Garden Hose
After you clean your gutters, swing by your garden hose and detach it from your house itself. Removing your hose from the spout will prevent any buildup of water that could easily freeze with the temperature. This simple twist will keep your faucet from bursting, and in turn damaging your home’s water system.

Winterize Irrigation System
Another waterway that you will want to clear out before temperatures become too threatening is your lawn’s sprinkler system. Winterize this system by having a professional come and clear out the pipes of any standing water that could potentially freeze and burst those fragile waterways. With no water in your irrigation system, you will have nothing to worry about as winter encroaches.

Water damage is one of the biggest threats that your home will ever face, so do your part by following these simple steps to ensure a safe home all season long. Taking care of your waterways will not only help you rest easy knowing you are safe, but will also help your systems to run more efficiently in the warmer seasons to come.