Protect Your HVAC System from Renovation Dust and Debris

Protect Your HVAC System from Renovation Dust and DebrisAny amount of dust, dirt or debris is not good for your HVAC system. A relatively small amount of foreign dirt and debris can do serious harm. To prevent any damage from trapped dirt, please follow these important steps to protect your HVAC system.  Whether you are   renovating or adding on to your home, you will find these tips helpful in making your HVAC system avoid unnecessary breakdowns and repair bills.

  • If possible, be sure all cutting and sanding during your project is done in your garage or out in the open away from your HVAC system. This will keep dust and debris from being pulled back into your system.
  • If a small remodel isolated to one room, be sure to close off registers where the work is occurring, this will keep small particles from getting back into your HVAC system as much as possible.
  • Use plastic tarps and heavy drop cloths to isolate the construction area from the rest of your home. This will make cleanup much easier while protecting your HVAC system at the same time.
  • Do not use your heating and cooling system for construction heating or cooling needs. Have your contractor provide his own portable systems.
  • Have a cleanup period after the end of each work day. Getting dust and debris out of your home at the end of each day will help prevent damage, especially if you have to run the heating or cooling at night.
  • Replace your system’s air filter frequently during construction, despite the conditions. If it’s dirty, change it.

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