Protect Your Air Conditioner from Copper Thieves with an Alarm System

Copper prices have been on the rise, making copper pipes and components found in air conditioning units attractive to thieves. Like the rest of the country, Kansas City has seen a steady rise of air conditioner thefts in recent years and the numbers are expected to continue to rise. Copper thieves don’t discriminate. Everyone from home owners to businesses, including day cares and churches, have been victims of air conditioning theft.

In some cases the thieves steal only the copper components and you may not even know you’ve been the victim of a theft until you turn on your air conditioner only to discover it is not working. Other times the thieves may steal the entire air conditioner unit and dismantle it elsewhere. Because there are no identifying marks on the stolen copper, it can be easily sold to scrap yards. Sadly, while the thief may only get $50 to $100 for the copper stolen from a single air conditioning unit, the home or business owner will have to spend thousands to replace the unit and pay the labor costs for installation. In the case of businesses, they may also suffer additional financial losses from lost production time.

While you can take measures to protect your air conditioner from theft such as installing a metal air conditioning cage or securing your unit to the building with a padlock and chain, determined thieves can overcome these hurdles. The best way to protect your air conditioner is with an air conditioner alarm system. An air conditioner alarm uses a pressure system with dual alarm triggers. If there is a loss of refrigerant or if there is an interruption of power to the air conditioner unit a very loud siren will sound both indoors and outdoors. The pressure system is not sensitive to temperature drops, preventing false alarms. A single alarm panel can be connected to up to 4 air conditioning units. The alarm system is designed to be installed inside your home or business where thieves can’t disarm it. It can even be connected to your existing security system, notifying police if there is a breach. The only cost is the cost of the alarm system. There are no monthly fees or contracts.

While an air conditioner alarm system costs slightly more than some of the low-tech options for deterring copper thieves, it is much more effective at preventing a theft and is a small price to pay in comparison to the cost of replacing and installing one or more air conditioner units. These alarm systems are available only through HVAC contractors, such as Overland Park Heating and Cooling. Our trained professionals can assess your situation and recommend the right alarm system and installation for your specific needs.