6 Benefits of Going With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement With a New HVAC System

 6 Benefits of Going With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement With a New HVAC SystemMany homeowners wonder if a preventive maintenance agreement is really worth it. The answer is almost always yes. Over your HVAC system’s lifetime, the benefits of continued, routine maintenance can save you thousands of dollars. A preventive maintenance agreement allows homeowners to pay a reasonable fee up front in return for a year’s worth of automatically scheduled maintenance visits, discounted parts and services, and first priority when the HVAC equipment is acting up

Here are six benefits of going with a preventive maintenance agreement to protect your Kansas City area home’s new HVAC system:

  1. Automatic service appointments. Most homeowners know that routine HVAC maintenance is a key to lifetime energy efficiency. The problem is you have to remember to schedule them. When you have signed up to participate in our preventative maintenance program, your appointments will be scheduled for you so you don’t have to remember.
  2. Catch problems before they start. Often, we arrive for a customer service call only to find out the issue could have been prevented before it started with regular maintenance and service. By keeping your system well-maintained, you’ll reduce the wear and tear that leads to system malfunctions.
  3. Energy savings. Well-maintained HVAC equipment is energy efficient. Your service agreement will keep your system running efficiently, preventing it from consuming unnecessary energy.
  4. Extend the life expectancy. Your HVAC equipment is mechanical, and all machinery works longer if it’s well maintained. Your attention to maintenance now can help delay expensive replacement costs.
  5. Parts and labor discounts. A service agreement includes the costs of routine labor and parts. However, your system is bound to have issues along the way. When this happens, you’ll receive generous discounts on parts, labor and replacement costs.
  6. You’re our priority. Once you’ve signed our preventive maintenance agreement, you’ll receive priority service. Even in peak heating and cooling seasons, when we are bombarded with calls, your address will be bumped to the top of the service list.

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