Options In Standby Generators Give You Precisely What You Need When The Power Goes Out

Electrical power outages are a big problem these days — a roughly $80 billion-per-year problem, according to one government study. You might think that our advances in technology would be making blackouts less common, but the opposite is actually the case: the increasing number of electronic gadgets in each home puts more strain on our electric transmission grid, while the technology of the grid itself has changed very little in the past 100 years. This means that blackouts are becoming more common, and the problem will continue to grow unless or until our nation’s power grid is replaced — a massive undertaking that will require decades.

Because of this, many homeowners and business owners in the Kansas City area have decided to install standby generators. Such generators ensure that they will never be without power, and can stay up and running no matter how long a blackout may last.

Standby generators are installed outside a home or business, and are wired to provide power, when needed, only to that particular building’s electrical wiring. When the power goes out, a standby generator starts up automatically, restoring electricity for all your most important lighting,¬†appliances and comfort equipment. The digital controller on each unit makes sure the voltage remains constant, with no surges or drops that could damage sensitive electronic equipment. And they are fueled by your natural gas or propane line, so you don’t have to worry about refilling a tank, or trying to get gasoline out of gas station pump made inoperative by the blackout.

Standby generators are available in different sizes, to meet different needs. So-called “whole house generators” provide enough electricity to power an entire building, and everything in it, as if there were no blackout at all. Smaller, “essential circuit” models provide enough electricity for the essentials, such as the refrigerator and HVAC system, but leave non-essential items without power. These smaller generators cost less, but still keep you open for business.

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