One Room Too Hot? Another Room Too Cool? A Zoning System Keeps Everything Just Right

You have undoubtedly experienced the problem of a home with unbalanced temperatures: Dad is too warm in the living room, but Mom is too cold in the bedroom. They change the temperature back and forth, and eventually someone opens a window or closes a vent while still not being completely comfortable. To avoid a battle over the thermostat, you should consider what zoning systems could do for the comfort level of everyone in your home.

Zoning systems give you control over the temperature in each area of your home. Motorized dampers and multiple thermostats work independently of one another, allowing occupants of each area to decide the temperature in that individual area. Not only does the comfort level skyrocket, but energy costs can be cut by up to 25 percent.

Without zoning, it’s practically impossible to maintain a whole multi-story home at the same temperature in every room. Warm air rises and the sun heats things up, making the upstairs rooms on the sunny side of the house between six and ten degrees Fahrenheit hotter than ground level rooms, and the basement another six to ten degrees cooler.

What zoning does is divide the home into various areas that are controlled by each thermostat. Zone One may be the living room; zone two could be the dining room, kitchen, and entrance area; and zone three could be the entire upper floor. In this way, you can control zones of the house that tend to differ greatly in temperature without going all-out and installing thermostats for every single bedroom in your home. This leads to the greatest comfort level possible at the most affordable price.

You will find that zoning systems are most effective in homes that have multiple stories, open floor plans, large glass windows, or high, vaulted ceilings. The concept of zoning is still in its infancy, but inevitably, in the same way that all homes have multiple light switches, soon every home will have multiple thermostats.

Whether you are building a new home or hope to add a zoning system to your existing home, your ideal of greater comfort and energy savings can be accomplished. Contact Overland Park Heating & Cooling today for more information.

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