One Room Too Hot And Another Too Cold? You May Need A Zoning System

From sub-zero winter nights to summer days with heat indexes shattering the 100-degree mark, citizens of the Kansas City area are familiar with both ends of the weather spectrum. With the ever-changing outdoor climate, the interior temperature of homes also can be unpredictable.

Zoning systems can provide the means to control the temperature of individual rooms.

Unlike traditional HVAC systems with a single thermostat, zoning systems use multiple thermostats with motorized dampers. This allows occupants to heat or cool their own zones, or rooms, according to their own preferences. By dividing a home into areas that have common temperature-control needs, zoning helps eliminate the wasteful action of sending the same amount of warm or cooled air into each room every time the system is in operation.

Zoning is especially useful for dealing with the reality in most homes — warmer rooms in upper floors, and cooler spaces on the ground floor or in finished basements. One thermostat just can’t consistently heat and cool homes with multiple floors. These systems also allow you to turn down or shut off the A/C or heating in unoccupied rooms, saving you energy and money.

A zoning system can provide a variety of benefits with few disadvantages:

  • Improves comfort level
  • Increases efficiency
  • Conserves energy
  • Reduces cost
  • Less expensive and more efficient than dual air systems

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