NATE Is Important: Three Things You Should Know

Modern heating and cooling equipment has become better and more energy efficient. In the process, it has also become more complicated. The skill level required for installation and repair has increased dramatically. Quality contractors have a way to prove their level of skill and knowledge is up-to-date on modern equipment. NATE certification is awarded only to those who have passed rigorous tests and demonstrated their abilities in this field.

Getting NATE certification gives credibility to a heating and air specialist. Its importance extends not only to the technician, but also to the company that employs that technician and to the manufacturers of home comfort equipment. Here’s why it makes a difference:

  • Customer Service – A company that employs a person with NATE certification can trust that person in the field. Their company depends on making certain that every customer’s needs are met properly and professionally. Those who have proven their skill level have earned the trust and confidence of their employer. The employer knows the company will be properly represented.
  • Manufacturer Confidence – Each year, manufacturers of home comfort equipment have it returned to them. Frequently, the problem with the equipment was not in the manufacturing but in the installation. Improperly installed equipment can fail quickly. This makes the product look undesirable and costs the manufacturer a loss. Sophisticated equipment has certain installation guidelines that must be followed. A manufacturer has far fewer problems when they know it is installed by technicians with NATE certification.
  • Field Knowledge – NATE technicians have skills and knowledge that others lack. In your home, a technician can find a problem quickly, make the repair or offer suggestions and options to help you make decisions with confidence. They know your time is valuable. They get the job done properly the first time, you get no surprises and your home is quickly back to normal.

Overland Park Heating and Cooling employs NATE-certified technicians. When you call for service or installation, we want you to know you can have full confidence in our technicians. Contact us with any questions you have about your home comfort needs.

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