Considering a New Cooling System? Know the Benefits of Multi-Stage Cooling

Considering a New Cooling System? Know the Benefits of Multi-Stage CoolingOne of the more recent improvements to central cooling systems is multi-stage cooling. This type of equipment offers many benefits in our particular climate, since it’s the combination of humidity and warm temperatures that makes homes so uncomfortable. These systems run at multiple speeds instead of the normal high-speed only, and provide these benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption. Because these systems run at top speed far less often than they run at a lower speed, they save energy. They run longer during a cycle, eliminating frequent starts that consume more energy and increase system wear.
  • Improved humidity removal. Because a multi-stage cooling system runs on lower speeds more often, the evaporator coil inside the air handler that moves the cold refrigerant stays colder longer, which helps the system remove more humidity. Drier indoor air feels cooler than humid air, and you may find you can turn the thermostat up and still be comfortable.
  • Longer system life. Not only does a central A/C that runs at high speed continually drive up energy costs, it also tends to break down earlier. The compressor inside the outside unit wears faster when it starts up more often and at faster speeds. The outdoor condensing unit containing the compressor is the most expensive part of the cooling system. The lower but longer run cycles will create less wear and extend its service life.
  • Better comfort. A system running at high speed tends to cool a home quickly, and does not operate long enough cycles to remove humidity. High humidity translates to less comfort and costly operation. Also, areas of the home further away from the air handler may not reach the cooler temperatures of those closer to equipment. With the multi-stage system’s operation longer cycles  means more air is circulated through your home more thoroughly. All mult-stage systems use variable speed air handlers whose fans adjust their running speed based on indoor conditions.
  • Better indoor air quality. Anytime the air handler runs longer, more air passes through its air filter, trapping more airborne particulates, lowering the dust and pollen load indoors.

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