Maintain Your Air Conditioner in the Winter

Your air conditioner is probably the last thing on your mind now that temperatures are freezing throughout the Midwest. It’s been weeks since you even used the system, so why give it any attention now?

Even though you may not be using your air conditioning system right now, it is still more important than ever to be taking good care of it. By taking care of your air conditioner during these months without use, you will be helping it to function at its absolute best when the temperature finally does begin to rise again.

Maintaining your air conditioner during the winter is as simple as these three steps:

Change Your Filters
The same filtration that are required for your air conditioning system are the same ones used for your furnace. Be sure to check and replace the filters routinely. Replacing your filters will help to keep your system(s) in top shape, as this simple task removes dirt and debris from the system. Swapping your old filters for new ones will also help remove lingering allergens from your home’s air, helping both the furnace operation and your family to breathe better.

Tend to Trouble
Was your air conditioner acting up this past year? Tend to any problems now during the off season, so that when you need the appliance come spring, it will be ready to use without any issue. Being proactive in your problem solving will help keep your unit in great shape, giving it a longer overall life.

Protect and Cover
Once you have changed your filters and fixed any issues with your machine, protect your air conditioner by securing it with a cover. Covering your air conditioner will keep leaves and other debris from causing damage by entering the system while not in use. These covers are simple to use, and can be found at Overland Park Heating and Cooling.

While you may not be giving much thought to your air conditioner as the snow begins to fall, take the time to give it the care it needs this winter. By actively tending to your unit, you will help to keep it running effectively and efficiently for many seasons to come.