Key Elements Of A Well-Planned Zoning System

Key Elements Of A Well-Planned Zoning SystemA zoned heating and cooling system can help you save energy, make your house more comfortable and permanently end the “battle of the thermostat.” Before installing a zoning system, though, you need to put some work into planning and designing a system that will best fit your needs.

The key elements of a well-planned zoning system include:

  • Choosing the layout of zones based on differences in heating and cooling loads. The “load” is the amount of heating or cooling power needed to bring each room to a comfortable temperature, and is directly related to how much heat each room either absorbs from or loses to its surroundings. In general, this means that:
    • Each floor of a multi-level house should have separate zones, because hot air rises and cold air sinks.
    • Interior rooms, which do not have an exterior wall through which they can lose or gain heat with the outside air, should be zoned separately from perimeter rooms.
    • Rooms that receive a lot of sunlight through windows, and which therefore heat up due to the greenhouse effect, should have their own zone. Ideally, any west-facing “sun rooms” should be zoned separately from any east-facing rooms.
    • Any home additions or conversions that use different building materials or insulation should have their own zone.
  • Have separate “day” and “night” zones. For most people, separating the bedrooms from the rest of the house allows them to only heat or cool half the house at a time, saving on energy costs.
  • Use programmable thermostats. A zoning system makes programmable thermostats even more valuable.
  • Place each thermostat in the most-used room of the zone. Thermostats should not be placed in hallways; people only spend a few seconds in a hallway at a time but can be in the same room for hours.
  • Have a balance of air vents per zone. This helps with circulation and provides more even, steady temperatures and insures the system will performance is not negatively affected.

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