Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure While You’re Vacationing

While on vacation, you don’t want to worry about your Kansas City area home’s security. Utilizing a few easy tips for keeping your home safe while vacationing will allow you to fully enjoy your trip. These tips will help prevent robberies and fires in addition to helping you save energy and money.

  • Garage door opener. Unplug your garage door opener before you leave. This helps prevent theft, as opener codes are easily broken.
  • Appliances. Unplug all appliances, which are possible fire hazards, especially during summertime when thunderstorms are frequent. Unplug the cable box, computer, toaster, television, stereo and any other appliance. This will result in energy savings and make your empty home more secure.
  • Washer/dryer water valve. Turn off your washer/dryer water valve. You can also turn off the water main, although make sure this will not interfere with your home’s sprinkler system. This is a good idea if you plan on being away for a week or more, as an old washing machine hose or broken dishwasher part can cause flooding.
  • Thermostat. Adjust your thermostat (upward in the summer, and downward in the winter) by several degrees to save energy and therefore money. If you’re concerned about security, don’t turn off your cooling system entirely while you’re gone; the occasional running of the outside condensing unit makes it seem as if someone is home.
  • Water heater. Set your water heater on the lowest possible setting so it still functions but saves on energy bills.
  • Plants. Have a family member or trusted friend water your plants while you’re away. You can also move some plants outdoors for easy watering. 
  • Timers. Set timers on indoor and outdoor house lights to go off at certain times. This makes it look like you’re home, another great option for keeping your home safe while vacationing. 
  • Lawn. Ask a neighbor or other friend to mow your lawn periodically. An overgrown lawn will let potential intruders know you aren’t home, as will hedges and bushes that aren’t trimmed.
  • Pets. If you aren’t planning on taking your pets with you, arrange to leave them with a friend or family member, use a dog walker, or make other plans.

Use these and other tips for keeping your home safe while vacationing. For more expert advice relating to home comfort, please contact us at Overland Park Heating & Cooling. We have served the Greater Kansas City area since 1983.

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