Keep Your Garage or Workshop Warm this Winter with a Garage Heater

If you’re someone spend a lot of time in your garage, winter is probably your least favorite season. Nothing tests your motivation and dedication like having to leave your warm, cozy house to venture out into an icy, frigid garage. Even when the winter weather is mild, as it has been this season, it can still be too chilly to work comfortably in the garage for long periods of time. An infrared garage heater is the perfect solution.

A garage heater offers several benefits. It will keep your garage space warm, creating a comfortable work environment regardless of the weather outside. In addition, it will keep your vehicles warm, which eliminates the cold starts that can put wear and tear on your engine. If you have living space above your garage, using a garage heater can help keep that space warm during the winter as well. A garage heater can also be used to keep other spaces warm, such as animal pens, barns, horse arenas, workshops, and sheds.

While many people opt to use a space heater in the garage in the colder months, they are inefficient, ineffective, and pose a serious fire risk. Forced-air garage heaters, while safer than space heaters, and still not as efficient as an infrared heater and produce more noise. They also tend to blow dust along with the air, which can doom a project using stain or paint. Infrared garage heaters use radiant heat to safely and effectively heat the space. The heater is mounted near the ceiling and the infrared energy is directed downward. When the energy strikes a surface, such as the floor, objects, or even people, it is converted into heat. These objects, in turn, radiate heat that then heats the room. The space stays at a comfortable temperature without wasting heat or energy. The system uses a thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature while a wall-mounted louver draws in fresh air.

A single infrared garage heater from Overland Park Heating and Cooling can heat 500 to 600 square feet, an area equivalent to the size of a standard 2-car garage. In addition, an infrared heater can cut energy consumption by as much as 50 percent.