Installing a Furnace: Add-ons accessories, and Other Equipment You Want To Consider

 Installing a Furnace: Add-ons accessories, and Other Equipment You Want To ConsiderGetting a new furnace installed in your home? A new, efficient furnace will go a long way in reducing your energy consumption and improving your overall comfort, but don’t stop there. Consider the following supplemental furnace equipment when installing a furnace to further increase the efficiency of your home.

  • chimney liner, or a flue lining, protects the inside of your chimney from combustion damage. A liner may be necessary if required by code or is necessary to assure the proper venting of flue gases. Flue gases that cool down before exiting the flue vent can lead to equipment damage and unsafe operation.  If your new furnace vents through a plastic pipe instead of your chimney, you might not need a liner, but be sure to have your water heater flue vent checked for proper venting
  • Filters or air cleaners can help you avoid unnecessary repairs to your new furnace by keeping your unit clean from dust. Pleated filters that are 1 to 2 inches thick will work well, but you’ll get the best performance from a 4-9-inch thick, deep-pleated filters. Electronic air cleaners are just as efficient. Some installations of the higher efficient air cleaners require duct modifications to your exisitng system. Have the air cleaners professionaly installed for the best results
  • Get a programmable thermostat to set it and forget it. A thermostat that you can program to adjust your home’s temperature to different levels when you are home and when you’re away will save you money and help keep your home comfortable.
  • humidifier  replaces the moisture that is lost to the heating process of a forced air system; without the added moisture your home can get damaged by extremely dry indoor air and you might experience health issues, such as increased cold and allergy symptoms. A humidifier can be added to your existing or new heating system.
  • Furnace zoning will divide your home into zones and enable you to heat each zone differently. This increases both comfort and efficiency. Zoning can be installed to your exisitng or new HVAC system.

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