Improve Heating Efficiency With Proper Furance And Duct Maintenance

Part of keeping energy costs low this winter involves deliberate and scheduled maintenance of your duct and furnace system. This maintenance is very important to keep your units operating at top efficiency and preventing potential problems that can not only reduce the effectiveness of your heating system but can also cause serious problems in the future, which could lead to the necessity of replacing your furnace or other heating equipment sooner rather than later.

Implement the following steps to improve heating efficiency in your home:

  • Have a qualified service technician inspect your furnace each year to check for safety and make minor tweaks that will improve the overall efficiency of the unit. The service technician may also recommend small updates that will improve the efficiency of your furnace.
  • Replace furnace filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Make sure the airflow inside the furnace matches the recommended setting by the filter manufacturer.
  • Avoid losing 25 percent of your furnace heat by ensuring your duct system is operating properly. Use mastic or foil tape to seal any leaks in the duct system.
  • Remove any kinks or blocks in the duct lines to ensure proper airflow. Adjust the direction of the air dampers to provide maximum airflow to the main areas of your house.
  • Insulate the ductwork in crawl spaces, under the house or in the attic to prevent heat loss in those normally cold or hot areas of the home. Insulated ducts prevent heat loss from escaping while traveling through the duct system.
  • Replace air filters every three months, or more often, if necessary. This will ensure proper airflow through your duct vents and prevent dirty vents from blocking air flow.
  • Have a qualified service technician inspect your ductwork for signs of inefficiency. The technician can recommend additional changes to improve efficiency, such as adding additional air vents or adding lines of ductwork.

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