Essential Facts About HVAC Zoning Systems for Kansas Homes

Essential Facts About HVAC Zoning Systems for Kansas HomesIt’s can be tough to accurately heat and cool a home using a single thermostat. Different rooms have different temperature needs. Sometimes this is due to construction, windows, or inefficiency. Other times it comes down to the personal temperature preferences of the occupants. Add multiple floors into the mix, and things can really get tricky. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you may want to learn about the benefits of a zoning system.

How Zoning Systems Work

Zoning systems divide different areas of your home into separate heating and cooling zones, each with a dedicated thermostat. For example, you can designate your first and second floors as separate zones, so you don’t have to heat the upstairs bedrooms when everyone is downstairs in the kitchen.

To achieve this effect, a series of motorized dampers are added to the ductwork. These dampers correspond to the dedicated thermostat for a given zone. So you can set your upstairs temperature to 68, while leaving your downstairs temperature at 72. If the temperature starts to drop downstairs, the system can warm that zone without affecting the upstairs zone.

When to Consider Zoning Systems

Zoned temperature control can be beneficial in most situations. However, there are times when the benefits of a zoning system are even greater. If your home has any of the following characteristics, you might want to consider a zoning system.

  • Multiple floors
  • High ceilings
  • Extra rooms in the basement, garage or attic
  • Sun rooms or rooms with several windows

Benefits a Zoning System

There are multiple benefits to a zoning system. As we’ve discussed, you can create unique comfort zones in your home. This not only allows you to save energy dollars, but it eliminates the conflicts that arise when family members can’t agree on a thermostat setting.

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