It’s On the Inside that Counts — The Innerworkings of an HVAC System

It's On the Inside that Counts -- The Innerworkings of an HVAC SystemMany modern homes are equipped with a combined heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to meet the comfort needs of the household throughout the entire year. By understanding the innerworkings of an HVAC system, homeowners can gain valuable knowledge of how one system can keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter while using the same system components.

When it comes to climate control, the basic concepts of air movement are the same; the ductwork running from your HVAC unit to each location in your home is responsible for the transport of all conditioned air, hot or cold. The HVAC unit itself can be thought of as a heat exchanger; in summer, excess hot air is moved out of your home, while in winter it is moved into your living space. In this manner, the innerworkings of an HVAC system function in the same way regardless of whether you are heating or cooling your home.

Because your home’s year round comfort depends on the proper maintenance and sizing of your HVAC system, the following factors should be considered when installing a new unit and any time issues of concern arise:

  • Proper sizing of your HVAC unit is critical for efficient heating and cooling. Units that are too large tend to cycle on and off too frequently, leading to energy losses, while those that are too small will be unable to meet the comfort needs within your home.
  • Ductwork that is an appropriate width, as ducts which are too wide encourage excessive loss of conditioned air and overly narrow ducts tend to restrict airflow.
  • Regular replacement of HVAC system air filters, as a dirty filter will reduce air flow, leading to poor system efficiency and lowered indoor air quality (IAQ).

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Ioannis Pantzi/Shutterstock”