HVAC Contractor Practices You Can Live Without

HVAC Contractor Practices You Can Live WithoutWhether you need routine service, emergency repair or an installation estimate, there’s no shortage of HVAC contractors available. Unfortunately, not every HVAC contractor operates with the levels of professionalism or competence that homeowners should expect.

You can protect yourself by looking for warning signs. The following red flags should alert you that an HVAC contractor may not be provide your desired level of service and skill.

  • They offer rock-bottom prices. Everyone loves a good deal. However, HVAC service is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. When HVAC work is done incorrectly, it can lead to more costly repairs or even unit replacements down the road. If an HVAC company is offering tune-ups at unusually low prices, it may be sign that they’re not providing the highest quality work. When you add in the cost of skilled labor, fuel and overhead, it usually costs an HVAC contractor at least $50 an hour to provide the most basic services.
  • They size by a “rule of thumb.” This is a simple and lazy way to estimate air conditioning size. Some contractors will say that a 2,000 square foot house requires a five-ton air conditioner because the unit will cool 400 square feet per ton. Others will simply look base the new system size off of your existing furnace or A/C. Skilled and competent contractors use the Manual J Engineering Load Calculation to determine the precise unit size needed. The process takes additional time, but it could save you from buying more heating and cooling capacity than you need.
  • They provide over-the-phone quotes. It’s impossible to determine what type of unit you need over the phone. While the size of the home is important, other factors like your insulation, ducts and windows also factor into your home’s overall efficiency. A reliable HVAC contractor will visit your home in person to provide an accurate quote

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