Avoid These Common Humidifier Installation Mistakes by Hiring a Pro

Avoid These Common Humidifier Installation Mistakes by Hiring a ProAdding a whole-house humidifier to your home’s forced-air heating system can improve comfort levels, lower heating bills and preserve your home, as long as you avoid these humidifier installation mistakes. Being aware of these nuances can help you make an informed decision about the system you select and install.

Improper Sizing

Just as your HVAC system needs to be accurately sized for your home, so does your humidifier. A system that’s too small won’t be able to deliver all the humidity you need when the air is dry. Unlike HVAC systems, erring on the larger side can keep air at more comfortable and healthy levels as it dries during the winter.

Humidistat Issues

The humidistat controls the humidity level in your home. Its best to have your humidifier operate independently of your heating system’s operation. Although additional thermostat controls and wiring may be required, the results are more humidity control, better comfort and performance

System Selection

Not all humidifiers work the same way. Before selecting your system, ask your HVAC contractor about what suits your needs and the equipment compatibility of each when being accessorized specifically to your HVAC system. The size of your home, the type of heating equipment and even the type of water quality you have.

Installation Factors

Since most humidifiers require water and drainage, your supply and drainage plumbing must be tight and leak-free. The type of waste water system will be important too when selecting the humidifier system that’s right for your home.


Before finalizing the placement of your humidifier, make sure your contractor puts it in an area where it’s easy to access. While whole-house humidifiers don’t require the same amount of maintenance that portable units do, they still need to be serviced. If your model contains absorbent media, the water panel may need periodic replacement to operate effectively.

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