How to Keep Your Furnace Running in Cold Weather

Cold weather has arrived in the Kansas City Area, and with it, homeowners that are fighting to keep their furnaces running. Whether you are hoping your old equipment will hang on just one more season, or are frustrated that your furnace just can’t seem to keep caught up, you can help keep your furnace running in the cold weather with these three tips:

Maintain Clean Air Filters
While it is good practice to always keep your air filters clean, it is even more important to do so during the cold winter months. Swap out your furnace filter for a new one at least once a month while freezing temperatures persist to ensure you are not overworking your equipment, while getting the best, most breathable warm air possible inside of your home.

Avoid the Setback Feature
Many homeowners are guilty of taking advantage of their thermostat’s setback feature (where the temperature in your home is reduced in the evening), in hopes of saving a few dollars. However, this feature will cause your furnace to have a hard time keeping up with the cold weather throughout the rest of your day, and wear out your equipment. To keep your furnace is good running condition all season, avoid the temptation and choose one temperature for your home’s entire day.

Clear the Area
In the Midwest, there’s a good chance your home will experience accumulating snowfall a couple of times during the winter months. This snow, while fun for kids, can wreck havoc on your furnace if not properly taken care of. As soon as snow falls, take action and clear any accumulation from around the outside vents and pipes of your furnace. Your furnace sucks in air from these exterior vents during your home’s heating process, and if snow gets into them, can damage your system beyond use.

This winter, ensure that your furnace runs in top condition all season long by maintaining it through proper air filter installation, avoiding use of any temperature setback features, and by clearing the snowy area around exterior parts of the equipment promptly. When you do this, your furnace will not only keep you warm this season, but for many more to come.

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