How to Have an Energy Efficient Home this Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. With blankets of snow covering the ground and warm fireplaces to cozy up next to on a cold night, it can be easy to forget the headaches that all too often come with this chilly season – like high energy bills.

High energy bills always seem to be the expectation for this time of year, but they don’t have to be. When you take the time and effort to make your home more energy efficient, you can not only relax knowing that you are helping the environment, but you will be saving quite a chunk of cash as well.

Making your home more energy efficient can by simple with these easy steps:

Replace Holes in Siding
Your home’s siding is an important factor in trapping in your homes energy, in the form of warm air. If you have holes or warps in your siding, that energy will seep through, making your furnace work overtime just to catch up to your desired indoor temperature. Inspect your home for any imperfections in your siding, and have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible to help ensure your home stays warm with less work.

Close Gaps
Just like with your siding, energy can escape your home through any cracks or gaps in weatherstripping or caulk. These small malformities may seem like nothing to worry about, but as more warm air is continuously lost through these gaps, your energy bill grows. Take an afternoon to seal up these gaps, and see the difference in the months to come.

Add Insulation
A final way to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible is to add insulation to your attic and sidewalls. This insulation will act as a protective barrier, and keep all of that warm air tightly secured in your home, instead of letting it slowly make its way outside. Professionals like Overland Park Heating and Cooling know all of the best tips and tricks to installing this insulation, and can have your home running more efficiently in no time.

Take the headache out of this winter and lower your energy bill by taking the time to make your home more efficient. These few small changes will add up to big cash back, and will also work to keep your home running as efficiently as possible all year round. Put a little energy into these projects today, and save tons for seasons to come.