How Do Zoning Systems Improve Household Comfort? Let’s Count The Ways

How Do Zoning Systems Improve Household Comfort? Let's Count The WaysZoning systems are rising in popularity as an alternative to the typical home air system. They provide you with increased control of your air distribution and improve everyone’s overall comfort.

Consistent Temperatures

Many homes have problems reaching and sustaining a steady temperature throughout. There are many common household features that make this a problem. Windows that allow extra heat to transfer out and in, high cathedral ceilings and multi floor homes create hard to heat situations. Zoning systems work around that by utilizing multiple thermostats throughout the house, each in charge of controlling the climate for a particular area. By minimizing the amount of space they regulate, it makes it much easier to reach a certain temperature. If you want a steady temperature throughout the entire house, simply set all the thermostats to that ideal temperature and you’re set.

“Battle Of The Thermostat”

The use of multiple thermostats opens up many new possibilities. Instead of everyone having to agree on one temperature — something often referred to as the “battle of the thermostat” — people in different parts of the house can have different settings for their own tastes. Someone in the study can have it totally different than someone in the living room.

Energy Conservation

Your HVAC technician will help you establish the various zones you use. These will be based on a number of factors, one of the main ones being which rooms are occupied most frequently. That way, if you have a zone that isn’t used very often, say a guest bathroom and bedroom, you can simply set this zone to a more energy-efficient temperature. That way you aren’t paying to control the climate for this empty area and you can change it back whenever you want.

Zoning systems are affordable and easy to install. They can be retrofit onto any older air system as well as installed new. They typically only require dampers, new thermostats, a control panel and a bit of ductwork modification.

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