Home Water Conservation: Find Out How to Save More When You Use Less

Home Water Conservation: Find Out How to Save More When You Use LessIf you want to do everything you can to conserve energy and reduce utility costs in your Kansas City area home, you need to consider cutting your water consumption. Home water conservation is important both for the overall environment and to reduce utility bills. Here are a few simple modifications that you can make to reduce your water usage:

  • When shopping for new water-using appliances, opt for high efficiency. High-efficiency dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters do a great job reducing your water consumption.
  • Install low-flow kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Installation of these faucets and shower heads is usually simple, and they can dramatically reduce your water consumption.
  • Replace your toilets with low-flow or dual-flush models. This small investment can yield serious savings by reducing the amount of water used per flush. Dual-flush models are even more efficient, using less water for liquid waste than for solid waste.
  • Collect rain for outside water use. Installing simple rain barrels at your downspouts allows you to collect this water for your lawn or garden. The use of this free resource can put a significant dent in your water bill.
  • Use a recirculation pump for your water heater. When you want hot water, you typically have to let the cold water in the pipes run down the drain before the heated water arrives. This water is wasted. A recirculating pump will take this cold water back to the heater. By running the recirculating pump before opening up the hot faucet, the water that comes out will already be hot, with no wasted water going down the drain. This home water conservation strategy can result in a significant reduction of water usage.

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