Home Safety: Use This Checklist to Make Your Home as Safe as Possible

If you’re concerned about home safety – and you should be – take solace in knowing that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Write out a safety checklist and use it while inspecting your home for assorted hazards that can result in serious injury.Electrical hazards: Check your home for frayed extension cords, loose plugs and prongs, and overloaded outlets. Remove extra plugs in all outlets so each handle one plug only. Replace old appliances that smoke, smell or spark, and cover all exposed wiring and outlets. Look for cords that go under rugs and over pipes, nails, and heaters, and reroute them.

Fire hazards. Inspect for fire hazards such as flammable items near heaters and gas/electrical equipment, including broken furniture, old rags and old paper items. Remove dried tree trimmings, grass clippings, and weeds from your property. Keep chimneys and flue pipes clean and functional, and ensure portable heaters are on level surfaces and away from high-traffic areas. Also check for candles and heaters near curtains and similar combustible items, and clean and repair vent pipes.

Chemical hazards. Ensure all flammable liquids such as paint thinner, gasoline, paints, acetone and benzene are sealed property and stored in an unattached garage or shed. If you must keep such items in the home, place them away from children, heat sources and gas appliances. Store polishing rags and flammable waste products in sealed metal containers, and tell family members to avoid using gasoline and other flammable liquids as fire-starters.

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