When Should I Replace My Heater Thermostat?

When Should I Replace My Heater Thermostat?If your heater isn’t working as it should, the problem may not be your heating system, but rather your thermostat. Check out these signs to see if it’s time for you to replace your heater thermostat with a new model.

The Technology is Outdated

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat because your heater predates this technology, you’re missing out on some notable advantages. A programmable thermostat can reduce heating costs by 20 to 75 percent, and eliminate the need to manually set your thermostat each day.

With a programmable thermostat, you can input the appropriate settings for different times of the day and days of the week. When your system is on autopilot, you’ll see a significant drop in your energy expense.

You Changed Your Heating System

Not all heating thermostats are created equal. If you have a radiant heating system or heat pump, you may not benefit from a programmable thermostat. Rather, you’ll need a heater thermostat designed specifically for a two-stage heating system.

A heating and cooling professional can help you determine which thermostat is most appropriate for your system. Any time you’re installing a new heating system, you should consider your thermostat needs and make sure the two are compatible.

Your Heater Doesn’t Turn on Appropriately

If you notice your home feeling more uncomfortable than usual, this could be a sign you need a new thermostat. Turn the heat up 5 degrees and see if your heater kicks on. If your heater doesn’t turn on when your home is cooler than what your thermostat is set at, you probably need to install a new one.

A professional HVAC technician can help you determine which thermostat will best suit your needs. Contact Overland Park Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Greater Kansas City to learn more about fixing or upgrading your heater thermostat today.

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