Heat Pump Features That Can Really Keep Your Kansas City Home Warm

Heat Pump Features That Can Really Keep Your Kansas City Home WarmHeat pumps are remarkable HVAC systems that work well in our climate most of the year. However, during the coldest months, you may want to consider upgrading your heat pump features to boost comfort, especially when temperatures fall into the low thirties. These appliances move heat instead of creating it, which makes them both energy efficient and safe to use.

Scroll Compressor

A scroll compressor raises the HSPF (heating season performance factor) rating of heat pumps because it compresses the refrigerant more efficiently than a standard piston compressor. Better compression also translates to warmer indoor air.

Most heat pumps have auxiliary electric heating that will operate when temperatures fall below the system’s ability to heat your home comfortably. Operating your heating back up system with the heat pump will use more energy than the pump does when operating during warmer outdoor temperature.

Dual-Fuel Systems

If your home already has gas running to it, consider installing a dual-fuel heat pump. These systems switch to a gas burner when temperatures are exceptionally cold, while taking advantage of the natural heat in the air outdoors during the fall and spring.

Gas burner are usually only used when outdoor temperatures drop below the system’s balance point, usually in the thirties. Of all heat pump features, this one lets you choose the energy source, so you can take advantage of more advantageous energy pricing for either gas or electricity.


If you already have a heat pump that runs well, consider upgrading the thermostat to an intelligent recovery device. These can sense when the temperature will fall below your system’s balance point and trigger the heating coil. The thermostat will intervene and run more often, regardless of how low you set the thermostat back at night.

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