Going On Vacation? Program Your Thermostat Before You Leave, and Spend Your Energy Savings On The Trip

Is it possible to lower your heating and cooling costs without making your house feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer? To make changes in our home’s temperature and not even notice it? These things are possible when you purchase a programmable thermostat, which can help you save as much as 33 percent on your heating and cooling costs. As a bonus, programmable thermostats are extremely simple to use. Putting a programmable thermostat to work when everyone’s out

Changing the settings for when everyone is gone during the day is one way to utilize less energy. If there’s at least a three-hour segment of time during the day when no-one is home, you can start saving money by setting a temperature that uses less energy and demands less of your HVAC system. In other words, turn the temperature up during the summer, and down during the winter: Because nobody is at home, there’s little point spending money to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. You also have to keep your family members’ schedules in mind when using a programmable thermostat: For example, during the winter months of the school year, when everyone is at work or at school, you can turn down the heating during the day, and save a good amount of money. But come summer, when the kids are at home all day, you may need to condition your home during those hours.

Program your thermostat before you go on vacation

When you go on vacation, you can set the programmable thermostat to keep the house at a lower comfort level the whole time you’re away (for example, if you go away during the summer, program the thermostat to keep the house at a fairly warm temperature). That way, you won’t pay to cool your home while no-one’s there to enjoy it. Conversely, if you go on vacation during the winter, program the thermostat to keep the temperature cooler in your absence. Less time with the furnace running means lower heating bills. In either case, make sure to set the thermostat to return the house to a comfortable temperature a few hours before you return home from vacation.

Programmable thermostats work hard while you sleep

Create a night program for your thermostat to save even more money: Set your thermostat to keep the house warmer at night in the summer, and cooler during winter nights. While you’re sleeping, the less-demanding thermostat setting will save energy, and the change won’t be discernible to sleeping occupants.

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