Getting the Right Contractor for Your A/C Installation: A Kansas City Homeowner’s Checklist

From baseball games to backyard barbecues, there are many things to love about summer. Dealing with A/C installation woes related to a poorly chosen contractor is not one of them. With the right information, you can not only keep cool in the sweltering summer heat, but also when selecting a Kansas City area contractor for A/C installation. By sticking to these considerations when evaluating your contractor options, you can save money while increasing peace of mind.

Evaluation: Does your contractor have a plan to thoroughly evaluate your home’s needs?  A good contractor will perform load calculation to determine the correct size required when planning for your new A/C. They also should perform a duct system review to make sure your air ducts will be compatible with your new equipment. Additionally, a thorough contractor will make sure that airflow, the refrigerant charge, the electrical system and the thermostat in your new cooling system are all correct or working properly.

Communication: How well does the contractor for A/C installation communicate? A good contractor will share with you Manufacturer’s Performance Data Review, as well as provide proof of the new equipment’s AHRI certification, which ensures its ability to deliver high-efficiency performance. Has the contractor provided options for Energy Star certified equipment or other ways to increase efficiency and save money?

Documentation: Does your contractor plan to provide adequate documentation, including the installation checklist, recommended maintenance requirements, and copies of all unit-related manuals, including warrantees?

Skills and education: Does your contractor employ skilled and reliable technicians, and are they current on modern techniques through active memberships in professional associations (such as NATE)? Determine whether the contractor has a good reputation by checking with friends, neighbors and the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, all applicable business documents and permits should be available for your review.

The best choice: Keeping these critical considerations in mind when  selecting a contractor for A/C installation can help ensure that you make the best choice for your home and budget. For more helpful information about choosing the right contractor for A/C installation, and other issues related to keeping your home or business the perfect temperature throughout the year, please contact us at Overland Park Heating and Cooling, Inc. We’re confident we’ll provide satisfactory answers to all of your questions about an A/C installation in the Kansas City area.

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