Get Whole-House Dehumidification, And Say Goodbye To Humidity

Even though the temperature may be 80 degrees, it feels like it is 100 degrees. The suspect is often humidity.  Humidity, whether outdoors or indoors, can make the temperature feel hotter and stickier than the real temperature. There are many causes for humidity, natural and man-made. A certain amount of humidity is good, but too little or too much can lead to problems. You cannot control the humidity outside, but whole-house dehumidification is available for inside.

Excessive indoor humidity can cause problems such as ceiling stains, warped wood, peeling wallpaper, and condensation on windows and sills. Worse yet, it creates ideal breeding grounds dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. Allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems are aggravated, too.

Portable dehumidifiers have been around a long time, mostly found in home’s basements. You are probably familiar with countless trips to the basement to empty the dehumidifier’s bucket. These units are normally heavy, clunky, noisy beasts that require a lot of attention. Whole-house dehumidification eliminates all of those problems and more.

Whole-house dehumidification systems are designed to easily integrate with your current heating and air conditioning system. These systems are capable of removing twice as much as their portable counterparts. They are environmentally friendly and space-friendly. Once integrated with your current system, it is like having a portable dehumidifier in each room of the home – without having to empty buckets of water and listening to the noise.

Health experts indicate that 30-60 percent humidity is healthy.  Less than that or more than that leads to increased fatigue, dry skin/throat, risk of bacterial and viral infections, joint and muscle pain, and an increase in allergy and asthma attacks. With this in mind, engineers created whole-house dehumidification systems that capture just the right amount of moisture from the home resulting in healthier indoor air.

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