Weather Any Winter Storm With A Generator To Back You Up

Losing your power during a storm or blackout is not simply an inconvenience, but can be expensive as well. Factoring in the lost productivity, comfort as well as not being able to cook, clean or keep food fresh, it can be far more costly to go without one than to install one.

There are two types of generators, standby and portable. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Portable generators are wheeled out of storage when needed, while standby models are installed permanently. Knowing the differences between the two types and assessing the situation as well as your budget beforehand will help you decide which type of generator is appropriate for you.

Benefits of a standby generator:

  • Powers most (if not all) of house
  • Switches on automatically in event of power failure
  • Requires little maintenance once installed
  • Very quiet when running

Standby generators are powered by either propane or natural gas. They have far more power than a portable model, but a much higher price tag, which includes the unit itself and the installation cost. Depending on your local zoning requirements, a permit for the unit and the required propane hookup may be necessary.

Benefits of a portable generator:

  • Least expensive of the two options
  • Requires little installation costs
  • Uses standard gasoline
  • Can be easily stored away when not in use

A portable generator is a less-expensive option than a standby model, but has the ability to keep some essential items powered on in the event of a blackout. A portable generator is an excellent option in situations where power is generally restored very quickly.

There are a wide range of wattage options available in portable generators, so doing your homework on how much power you would need is a prudent thing to do.

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