Improve the Efficiency of Your Gas Furnace with These Helpful Tips

Improve the Efficiency of Your Gas Furnace with These Helpful TipsEven though a gas furnace is one of the most economical appliances you can use to heat your home, you might be able to lower your cost of home heating even more with these simple tips. Besides saving money, improving furnace efficiency can help extend its lifespan and make it run more safely.

Keep it Clean

Inspecting your air filter monthly and changing it when it’s dirty can improve the energy efficiency of the furnace. When your filter is covered with dust, the airflow through it slows down. As a consequence, it’ll take longer to heat your home, driving up energy costs. A clean filter can also prevent dust from building up inside your air handler.

Have it Maintained

Annual maintenance for a combustion furnace not only makes it run more efficiently, it also extends its lifetime. As these systems run, dirt collects and parts go out of adjustment. When a professional HVAC technician goes through your equipment, he or she will bring it back to factory settings as much as possible.

This inspection includes adjusting the fuel ratio and cleaning the burner and ignition system. If there are any problems with airflow, your technician will check the integrity of the ductwork, as well as examine the flue and chimney.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re away routinely, it makes sense to use a programmable thermostat for greater energy savings. Turning it down when you’re away and sleeping will help you save energy dollars. A gas furnace can quickly heat your home just before you return or awaken. Smart thermostats give you more options for remote temperature management, but even a simple programmable device will trim energy consumption.

Cut the Heating Load

Look for areas around windows and exterior doors that feel drafty. Weatherstripping inside door frames and adding draft blockers will keep your home warmer. Furthermore, locking all your windows will help cut air leakage.

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