Are You Considering a Garage Heater for Your Kansas City Home?

Are You Considering a Garage Heater for Your Kansas City Home?Winter comes sooner than you realize, so now’s a good time to consider a garage heater. With a heated garage, you can use your workshop or do necessary car repairs without freezing. Your kids can play games in the garage as well. A little bit of heat goes a long way in your garage but don’t expect it to be as warm as inside the house, with just a heater and insulation. There are benefits and drawbacks of a heated garage to weigh before you flip the switch.

Benefits of a Heated Garage

It’s impractical having to wear gloves and layers of clothing when you’re working on projects out in your garage. With a garage heater and the proper insulation, you can work out there for hours without shivering. You’re more comfortably when you’re doing large projects like car repair and smaller hobbies like model building and woodwork.

Disadvantages of Garage Heating

In order for a garage heater to do an effective job, insulation needs to be installed in the walls and ceiling. Otherwise, the heat will quickly escape through doors, walls and the roof. Traditional garages are meant as shelters for your cars and additional storage so they’re not sealed well and are notoriously drafty. Unless you spend a large amount of time in your garage, it doesn’t make sense to run ductwork out to it, and adding sufficient insulation can be a costly investment.

Garage Heater Options

While a space heater isn’t a viable solution if you spend a large amount of time in your garage during the winter, it’s sufficient for shorter jobs. Only turning a garage heater on when you’re in the space is the safest and most energy-efficient plan. There are different types of space heaters suitable for a garage including radiant heat models, propane heaters, and portable, oil-filled radiator-style heaters that are quieter than space heaters that use fans or blowers.

After considering the pros and cons of heating your garage and exploring the various models available, you can make an informed decision on the best solution for you. Please contact us at Overland Park Heating & Cooling for more ways to stay comfortable this winter.

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